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Generation E, Screened & Acclaimed at Campuses & Conferences Nationwide!!! 86 mins, Color, © 2004

On April 30, 2003, President Bush signed the R.A.V.E. Act, a federal law making it a felony to organize an event or operate any type of space where illicit drug activities would take place. The bill was originally written to punish rave and nightclub promoters who threw parties where young people took ecstasy and other “club drugs.” This documentary traces the government’s fight against rave and ecstasy culture during the past decade, and also examines other youth and music scenes that have had legislation passed against them throughout history.

The DVD was previously sold as a fundraiser for DanceSafe. It is no longer available, but anyone who is interested in obtaining a sample copy for screening can email me.

Children, 3 mins, Black & White, © 2004
This is my black & white still-image piece on U.S. clothing corporations & foreign child labor. Selected to be featured at the first ever New Zealand Human Rights Film Festival sponsored by the Human Rights Network – May 2005!!!

“Depicting human rights issues through the medium of film has never been more prevalent. Visual presentation is increasingly the channel of mass communication especially for young people.” – Carol Nelson and Boris van Beusekom, executive directors

Hypocrisy, 3 mins, Color, © 2004

“The U.S. government dedicates billions annually to fight illegal drugs even as legal drugs are abused by far more Americans. Using statistics and satire, Hypocrisy conveys the counterproductive nature of U.S. drug policy.

Just Say Know
Credit: John DiCarlo (co-producer)
During the summer of 2002, I co-wrote, co-directed, and co-produced two short public service announcements, one of which was for Just Say Know: a drug education workshop service offered to youths and service providers around the San Francisco Bay Area, and also free, peer-oriented, and courtesy of volunteers from DanceSafe. The ad was produced in part by students from the Bay Area Video Coalition.