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Art Work

I’ve been drawing since elementary school. I started with dinosaurs and moved onto doing WWF wrestling stars (yes, back then, it was called the World Wrestling Federation). By junior high, I drew a lot of your typical teen boy stuff from Dragonballz and Marvel Comic superheroes to Mortal Kombat characters. I stopped drawing for a few years into high school. However, as various things happened in my life, I developed a taste for tribal and psychedelic art. The samples here are special because before I did any of these, I usually replicated other artists’ work. But these are all freehand designs that got on paper straight from my head, which is impressive, considering how many brain cells I was losing from all the partying I did during those days.
The alien drawings on this page are featured on another page by The Art of Contact, a site dedicated to creative work inspired by experiences with extraterrestrial lifeform. Initially, I conceived these images through my exposure to psychedelic music and drugs, which had already taken me out of a “normal” mindframe and system of belief. Under the influence of LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and other hallucinogens, I often felt a sense of peace and beauty that couldn’t be associated with the human experience which I always perceived as being dominated by conflict and suffering. Furthermore, psychedelics provided the sensation of transcending time and space in ways that were physically and scientifically impossible. In a way, I’ve always wanted to be a little green alien 🙂

Jesus & Buddha at a Rave
I’ve always viewed raves as gatherings that are inclusive of all types of people.
So what better way to convey that sort of utopian environment than to put the
supreme beings of the world’s two most well-known religions in one dance room?
WARNING: You have to be a trance-loving, kandy kid to understand this picture.