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About me

Hi there, the name’s Le and I’m an aspiring screenwriter and director. I received my Bachelor of Arts in cinema at San Francisco State University in 2005, and I also did a lot of activism and outreach volunteering before that. I am not rich or famous at all, but everything included on this website is a tried and true achievement from my past. You really don’t have to make lots of money or be a rock star to change the world. So let my work bring some inspiration to your day.

George Orwell’s most famous novel about government power on steroids is titled 1984. That was the same year I immigrated to the United States. But Chinese folks have slanted eyes and can’t pronounce any goddamn English properly. So instead, we just see and refer to America as the Golden Mountain. And it certainly is the Golden Mountain, one run by stupid white men that my parents didn’t mind dealing with as long as we could get away from the stupid Chinese men running our motherland. Those stupid Chinese men nearly prevented me from being born! Luckily for my fetal ass, women have always been assumed to be second-class citizens in most of the world, including China. That’s why my parents wanted to have a boy so badly. After shitting out three girls, mama broke the law just to pull my slimy, male ass out of her uterus. That’s right. Back in China, choosing to have an extra baby means risking a jail sentence and major fines. You can thank overpopulation for that one.

Here in America, though, choosing NOT to have a baby could mean death to the unlucky doctor running your abortion clinic. You can thank the relentless pro-lifers for that one. But they’re only pro-life for the first nine months. They will protest and even kill for your right to life. Once you’re actually born, however, it’s every man for himself. Unless you’re in their family, pro-lifers couldn’t care less whether or not you have food on your table, a roof over your head, or any toilet paper at your school. That would explain why Oakland, California, still can’t afford to give its students anything to wipe their ass with. That’s right. My ass was brown and wet for the whole thirteen years I went to public school here in Oakland. It’s amazing that I managed to graduate by 1998. But like most Oakland teenagers, or at least the ones who hadn’t dropped out, ended up in jail, or been shot dead yet, I was so confused about my future that I went straight to community college. One night, however, during my first semester, some little green aliens visited me and told me to write and direct films. I always thought Chinese guys had to know kung fu and speak broken Engrish to be able to get into Hollywood. I really didn’t know what I would be getting myself into, but I listened to the aliens anyway. By the fall of 2000, I was taking film classes at San Francisco State University.

Around the same time, I got involved with DanceSafe, a rave advocacy and drug education organization founded back in early 1999 (coincidentally, the same time I started doing drugs and going to raves). At that time, I was young and lonely, as opposed to now when I’m just old and lonely. So I was at a party by myself, saw DanceSafe’s table, and signed up to volunteer thinking it would keep me busy and help me make new friends. Of course, I had no idea what I was getting myself into again. Before I could even say, “I hate drugs, but they love me,” I was already involved in media relations, workshop presentations, volunteer trainings, event outreach, and research projects. I even learned that cigarettes kill forty times more Americans per year than all illegal drugs combined. What a coincidence! In my motherland, people who sell illegal drugs are executed while no one says a damn thing when parents smoke cigarettes right in front of their babies. See how much stupid white men and stupid Chinese men have in common! Anyway, as the months went by, I started volunteering for other groups around issues such as medical marijuana and the war in Iraq. Eventually, I began to wonder what the hell I was doing all this work for when my college major (cinema) had nothing to do with it. Alas, I was wrong. My little green aliens visited me again one night and told me that I was destined to make films on social issues I care about in order to piss off as much of right-wing America as I possibly could.

That brings us to what we have here: this website, a collective of nearly every piece of artistic, literary, and political work I’ve created throughout the years. When the aliens visited me, I couldn’t figure out why they would suggest screenwriting and film directing as a career. But perhaps it makes sense because I do like to write and I do like to make pictures (by drawing). These have been my favorite hobbies since elementary school. But forget about my past, I’m concentrating on my future. Damn it, I expect to make it to the Oscars in ten years. In fact, I’m preparing my acceptance speech right now. How does this sound?

“On behalf of the Academy, I’d like to accept this honor for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best…oh they warned me not to use profanity on stage, but fuck it! I’m the Best at everything, goddamnit! I have to thank my mama, everybody else’s mama, my manicurist, my pet dodo bird, my…hey, don’t you dare start that fucking music! I haven’t even thanked the most important person yet – me! Oh yeah, George Bush IV, no war on Iraq! Your granddaddy just waged one ten years ago, and your great-granddaddy the decade before that!”