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Maddens Raiders d ago. Girls gone wild nude. Do you have strict parents or something? Also I wonder what would happen if you just didn't put your clothes back on. Dont you need to take a shower as Madison? I mean they have some nudity but its classy, not distasteful. Make sure this is what you intended.

I'm just curious, not meaning any disrespect. Heavy rain nude. Ethan and Madison then decide to make out on the floor, because as we all know, nothing is sexier than a motel floor. AmnesiaHaze lol wanted to post the same Yup why would you want to skip it? So just stop it. Now, let's take a moment to wonder what Madison's first nightmare would be like if she were the same Alernative sources 4 Madison naked in Heavy Rain video: Jezebel The Muse. I can't speak to how the rest of the game will play, but I am very much intrigued by this snippet.

Like if you aren't careful while pulling up her panties with the motion controls you could give her major camel toe. Who is online Users browsing this forum: W-k d ago well actually if you where trying to murder some one. Audun carlsen nude. Agree 13 Disagree 1. Thankfully, xQc's channel is still up and running, so it appears Twitch were sympathetic to the unexpected nude scene.

I enjoy the Metal Gear series, for the most part, which put a heavy emphesis on the story, to the point where the gameplay often suffers. Nvm me. Talk about it here. Experienced Points: Greatest game ever made. IrishAssa d ago Did no one see that? We use cookies on this website to improve your experience. I don't understand why this is needed in it. Tech demos are almost always not practical, and use smaller visual things that are extremely resource intensive that give them that edge against anything else you see.

Why is this? Agree 3 Disagree 9. Robbing a place with a knife is pretty stupid, actually. I wish I had a PS Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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In many ways, the its more like a movie than a game. Driadon Follow Forum Posts: Nothing else It looks well done, both the combat and what came before. Nude asian big breast. ThatFrood said: Anyway, I couldn't really tell what was going on since it looked like it was in German or something. CL60 Follow Forum Posts: The least thing they could have done was have her use soap and put on clean underwear.

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In the past, other big name streamers like Tyler1 and DansGaming have been caught out by this scene, but even after all this time, xQc still didn't know what to expect. WTF is going on over there? Submit a new text post. P Agree 3 Disagree 1. And I say this as someone who actually likes Heavy Rain for the most part.

Whatever the case may be, I doubt the ESRB is going to rethink its M rating in favor of an Adults Only upgrade, since they would have already observed the shower scene. Blaze d ago Edited d ago inb4 Fox News: Daryl Follow Forum Posts: It was only when I started watching Yahtzee did I notice people did not like them. Interactive story in which you can't lose or fail. Heavy rain nude. Milfs video tumblr. I agree. Sarcasm d ago Perfect bewbs. Oh yeah, let's watch he pee also. I dont have anything against nudity but to be honest when my parents get near I would also probably skip the scenes because its just so uncomfortable to watch them with your parents.

Dont you need to take a shower as Madison? D " Yea it looks better: I know that the story here is about some a serial killer who kills children, I just hope there wont be any violent scenes involving children, I found those things more disturbing than I can handle.

Dtoxz d ago Those poeple are idiots to think that a Sarah Palin look alike game character can be a "wet dream" to someone who's balls havent even dropped! Long before video games were even a spark in someone's mind, film had been showing mammaries on the big screen.

What a waste of development effort. Greatest game ever made. Kinja is in read-only mode. Can you please tell us why you always make these nudity threads??????? Well, at least the tits were nice. He's been here a year She also didn't wipe. Milf over 60. Experienced Points: I expected it to not animate or look all janky. I took french for 3 years in high school and it sounds fine to me. Or was it R1 and L1?

Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag. Who is Xbox s competitor? DSI d ago Are we really going there. Looking very good. I can interactively drink Orange Juice, Sold!

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Alexis breeze tits in the breeze Agree 0 Disagree 3. There were kids all over the house. Looking very good.
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