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Cookie Policy. Anonymous June 22, at 8: Anonymous February 9, at 2: Gringos, dont be afraid to check this place out. Kali muscle nude pics. Hong kong tijuana strip club. They'll have slightly less girls than they would on the weekend, but the number of customers drops off too so you'll have less guys to compete with for the ladies' attention.

Spent the last 4yrs trawling asia thailand, specifically and quite looking forward to a change of scene with some mexican beauties. You'll be laughing so hard that you'll barely notice that your body hurts.

Anonymous June 2, at And i know you are probably embarrass to post on here I profusely thank the mesero and that is when I learn that she is a day shift dancer there and hardly ever goes arriba - maybe once a week. Her ass is extremely tone and you can see every muscle in it when she is spinning along with her chiseled abs. I do it when I am trying to re energize between visits upstairs, as a warmup when I first get to the club, or as a way to feel out a girl more before I spend the big money going upstairs.

I made a reservation, such as it is, and mentioned the VIP, but not sure how it works. Skip to dinner. I've found my paradise.

I lived in Hollywood for 12 years before I finally decided to move to Asia and was a frequent visitor to TJ. Huge tits leather. Not only are they three brilliant female playwrights but three of the most important playwrights in Tijuana. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

I would say not to bother with the street girls at all. And if you're left wanting more, that can be easily arranged. There are private "enclosed" rooms for lap dances here as well. Meet Bangkok Escorts Today. Email Login Password Register. What they did, cannot be outdone, so it's gotta be those two again. Not telling you how to live your life but maybe get an std test before you give your committed partner something that can't be cured. I completely agree with your recommendation of Thailand for anyone who has time to take a 20 hour plane ride, but Hong Kong and Adelita are still both great clubs that are about as good as you're going to find in North America.

Walk over the border, don't drive! I go to Tijuana all the time. The girls will freak you over a lady drink and are typically pleasant to sit with.

Villa de Zaragoza is close by but less expensive, though it's more of Motel 6-style accommodations. Ik so after visiting Thailand last month, I am going to try out tj.

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In fact, I actually miss the place even though I live in Bangkok and have Pattaya only two hours away.

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Great review and guide. Grey hair pussy pics. Note this is my personal guide that I made after, I did plenty of online research and after this experience. It wasn't an especially interesting neighborhood, but for a first timer in Tijuana you may feel comfortable at a well rated hotel in this quieter neighborhood.

Adelitas is more about going upstairs but Hong Kong you can audition more girls to make sure your experience is as good as you want it to be. She speaks some English, but the other restaurant employees speak Spanish only.

Anonymous July 30, at 1: Some of their girls were there Zone norte the red light district. Want to join? It is a gift to be in their company. I disagree that you should stick with these two clubs only. Arizona June 11, at 6: An unexpected element? Be sure to bring change; they like to plan I have no change game. Hong kong tijuana strip club. Either way, I think any guy should be able to have a great time at any if these establishments. My question Don't go down a dark street at 1 AM by yourself, don't get so shitfaced you can't think straight, respect others and don't flash money around.

They told me not to go with the first girl but I am a healthy, virile male and like a dumbass took the first girl up to the room. Nude celebs a. I notice that one of the girls is a little distracted, almost melancholic with a beautiful flawless face. Anonymous June 10, at 1: I've found my paradise. I'm not sure who your comment is directed towards, but no one has suggested that Hong Kong is the best adult establishment in the world. Just ignore everything the cab drivers say because they do get kickbacks, so who could blame them.

See all. There's now an actual immigration counter when you cross, last year you literally just walked through the turnstile and you were in Mexico without having to talk to anyone. You will not find any hookers in the discos here and speaking Spanish will be extremely helpful if you are hoping to hook up. Nude japanese oil massage. Needless to say, it was a complete GFE session. Anonymous June 20, at 8: I realized that he was her "Padrote" or whatever the term is for a pimp there.

I normally went with her to a local hotel when she was not at Hong Kong. I get to bed at 2am, I have no idea how I feel or what I think but I know I can feel the change in my fibres from witnessing those women and I think about them. We watch. I would recommend against getting a hotel room for the night. Anonymous September 9, at 6: They get naked, shower and ask "Daddy, do you like my little pussy and my ass. Yes, you read that right. I been on a floor were a lot of people wore partying before in the middle and after the lus pulgas closes.

It was a catapult into all sorts of emotions, opinions and experiences.

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