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Jepara Residents Utilize Waste of Shellfish So Home Decoration

Sea waste such as shellfish can be processed into unique and beautiful decoration. Sea shells are made into decorations such as lampshades, mirror frames or other home interiors.

Ornaments from shell materials are widely produced in the area of ​​West Java Cirebon and Situbondo East Java. In Jepara regency, there are also residents who produce shell ornaments that are not less the quality of the two areas.

Gupomo (43) a resident of Welahan Village RT 2 RW 4 Jepara District one of them. Since 2007 ago, Gupomo began to pioneer this scallop business after a lot of study in the District of Palimanan Cirebon.

From the creative idea, born knick-knacks made from raw shells such as mirror frames, photo frames, decorative lights and more.

In fact, this shell craft he mix with furniture in Jepara. A set of guest chairs wrapped with shells.

“I have been studying in Cirebon how to make crafts from shellfish, after that I open my own at home since 2007,” he said at his home on Wednesday (6/12/2017)

At that time, his equipment was very simple ie clam cutting tools, outboard tools and fiber raw materials. He continues to develop this business seriously with much to learn about various handicraft products that are in demand in the market.

“I participated in some exhibitions in several areas, in Jakarta 2009 has become the champion of one furniture category, In Magelang the best two stand champions and in PRPP Semarang is also the best two stand champion in the next year,” he continued.

From the exhibitions, he added, the craft of the shell is increasingly known to get quite a lot of orders. However, the recognition of its products have not been able to penetrate the international market.

“Often received a response from abroad but failed, because buyers are not sure if it is production from here Yes, because after the survey is the place and equipment that I have very simple, eventually not so,” he said.

He said the Jepara Regency Government also supported positively with the assistance of the shell washer. In addition, often included in the exhibitions.

However, the production of handicrafts, also called simping art, is not always in demand. Therefore, the marketing network is still far behind with Cirebon and Situbondo.

“The obstacles are in marketing, for now, I produce special ordering, usually come from hotels, restaurants, and homebuyers, I used to put in a number of furniture showrooms in various regions, especially in Jepara, but not much response” he said.

He said, to make this shell craft is not difficult. Requires only a base pattern made of fiber, then pasted or trimmed shells. While raw materials obtained from Demak and Jepara itself.

“Then it’s just coloring, everyone can if they want to learn, and not for long,” he said.

Meanwhile, the price of Gupomo shell crafts is very affordable. Decorative lights only pegged around Rp 150 thousand to Rp 1 million, depending on size and motive.

“Most are decorative lights, but I also produce frames and other room decoration,” he concluded.

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