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Men Present Over Health Care with face

Men may be a little afraid of paying too much attention to the health of their faces. However, online surveys conducted by Nivea Men prove that men tend to ask in social media for the problem faces.

“Perhaps, men are afraid to say not true men if men face the same problem men, too,” said Diana Riaya, media manager PT Beiersdorf Indonesia who conducted an online survey on social media Nivea Men.

The average of these questions complained of the oily face that men experience, in a tropical country like Indonesia. The men are confused and can only look from social media. It is a profitable thing in this era, can get information without any shame.

Patterns of concern for men’s health of his face is now increasing, because a lot of information obtained without feeling awkward. To get curious answers about the health of his facial skin, the men were used to follow the habits of their idol.

“Prevention is better than treating the same as what men are doing now to maintain the health of their faces,” said Michael Suwito, senior brand manager for face care & bath care PT Beiersdorf Indonesia.

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